L’association ARTchSO invite l’art vidéo dans les rues rennaises en utilisant la vitrine comme mode d’exposition. Les vidéos d’artistes seront présentées dans une vitrine du centre ville de Rennes. Il s’agit de donner à l’art vidéo une visibilité auprès d’un large public, et de le faire connaître en tant qu’art plastique.

dimanche 6 novembre 2011

Call for entries

Deadline: 31/01/2012 (extended until March 04, 2012)

ARTchSO association aims at promoting video art in the urban environment through its concept of Show Window : screening video artworks in the windows of shops and stores so that the artworks can reach a wide general public. With the help of advanced technology, Show Window allows the metamorphosis of a public space into a real museum, as it realizes complete transmission of video artworks and establishes interactive dialogue.

In our first ARTchSO Video Festival 2011, we have made special efforts in utilizing the audio-visual equipments in order to bring the audience “closer” to the artworks, so that they can perceive the artworks in their integrity.

In 2012, we would like to go a step further and concern ourselves with the interactivity between audience and the artworks.

ARTchSO chooses a continent as the theme for the festival every year.

Asia was our theme in 2011 (http://artchso.blogspot.com). For 2012, we are happy to have chosen Africa. Africa is chosen for the difference, aesthetic and susceptibility in African artworks, which distinguish themselves from their European counterparts. We are interested in discovering the creations in African video art. Till now, there are still not too many exhibitions of African video art in Europe. We believe that their videos can help people to understand better, and appreciate, the African sense towards social and political issues. Screening these videos in the public can even help the whole city aware of the African culture from a new perspective – which is the essence of ARTchSO’s objective and commitment.

This event of ARTchSO will take place in April 2012 at the city centre of Rennes, France.

Rules :

  • Candidates can be of African origins, or their video artworks are inspired by African culture.

  • Free admission.

  • Candidates must agree to screen their artworks in store windows.

  • Video works must be experimental videos.

  • Installation video works must be sent with an implementation plan.

  • Only DVD (PAL format) copies are acceptable.

  • Duration of video must not exceed 10 minutes.

  • Candidates must permit the festival organizers to screen their submitted artworks freely during the festival.

  • The festival organizers reserve the right to use any parts of entrant’s submitted artworks, including videos, images and titles of the artworks, in the festival-related promotional campaigns, and to sell any publications for the festival.

  • After the event, all submitted video artworks are kept in the archives of ARTchSO. No returns are expected.

  • Send DVD with the page of rules signed ; on the customs form, please write No Commercial Value ; Cultural Purpose Only.

  • Send the submission form by E-mail to artchso@free.fr

For further information : artchso@free.fr

Download :

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  1. Le video (kunst) festival (d'art) vidéo l oo p i n g s t a r de Sarrebruck (Allemagne) & Forbach (France) - www.loopingstar.de - est très intéressé à une coopération ("jumelage") avec vous. On verra vous voir pendant votre festival. Bon courage !